The Microfabricated Tissue Models (MTM) lab is dedicated to improving human health by conducting research at the interdisciplinary interface of engineering and the life sciences. In particular, we engineer liver tissue systems that are useful for screening toxic drugs in vitro prior to reaching human clinical trials (organ-on-a-chip), modeling aspects of global human liver diseases for the development of better therapeutics (drug discovery), and cell-based therapies for patients suffering from liver disease (regenerative medicine). 

On this website, you will find information on the types of research projects we are currently engaged in, our dissemination of research results through publications, the personnel with diverse backgrounds who make up our team, and our contact information should you need additional information. Thank you for your interest in our work!

Latest News

      • Congratulations to Brent Ware for having his published article recommended by faculty who are part of F1000 Prime.
      • The MTM lab has been awarded an NSF grant to develop a high-throughput microliver platform for drug toxicity screening.
      • Congratulations to Matthew Davidson for having his artwork featured on the cover of Integrative Biology.
      • Congratulations to Matthew Davidson and David Kukla for getting their article published in Integrative Biology
      • Dr. Khetani received "The 2017 Teaching Award" from the UIC College of Engineering.
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